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Under current tax law, donations to a donor-advised fund are treated the same as donations to a public charity. Once deposited in the account, the donor is able to make recommendations to the sponsoring organization as to how those funds are invested and granted out, but actually cedes all legal control. Presently there is no IRS requirement as to when those funds must be granted out to public charities. Sponsoring organizations may place restrictions on granting activity, such as a minimum dollar amount, maximum number of grants per year, and number of successor advisors that may be appointed before any remaining funds revert to the sponsoring organization.

Private Foundations vs. Charitable Remainder Trust CRT A charitable remainder trust CRT provides the donor or others with cash flow while obtaining a current-year personal income tax deduction. After this period, any assets remaining in the trust pass to one or more charities, chosen by the donor. This is done by first donating assets into the trust, which then provides one or more charitable organizations, chosen by the donor, with cash flow for a specified period of time.

Learn more about starting a foundation! At the most basic level, the difference between a DAF and a private foundation is the construct, or form, in which each entity is created and operated. You can name your private foundation after your family, the charitable purpose, or something generic that inspires you or enables you to maintain a low profile. If to listen to insinuating inanities was the price of his attention, she would pay it. She had borne more than this in order to do good.

So the readings continued, a source of unmixed delight to her lodger and a great spiritual discipline to herself. As the days grew milder their intimacy, profiting by the winter seclusion, led him to accompany her on her various errands. She was at first unwilling to accept his escort—it too clearly resembled a tacit consent to his idleness. But his quiet persistence, together with his evident cynicism as to the results of these professional tours, accomplished, as usual, his end; and the wondering village might observe on hot June mornings its benefactress, languidly accompanied by a slender man in white flannels, balancing a large white green-lined umbrella, picking his way daintily along the dusty paths, with a covered basket dangling from one hand and a graygreen volume distending one white pocket.

There was material, too, for the interested observer in the picture of Miss Gould distributing reading matter, fruit, and lectures on household economy in the cottages of the mill-hands, while her lodger pitched pennies with the delighted children outside. It was on one of these occasions that Miss Gould took the opportunity to address Mr.

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Thomas Waters, late of the paper and cardboard manufacturing force, on the wickedness and folly of his present course of action. Waters was a laundress, and the summer boarders, together with Mr. Welles, who alone went far 9 A Philanthropist toward establishing the fortunes of the family, had combined to place the head of the house in his present condition of elegant leisure. What were you placed in the world for? How do you justify your existence? As it was, she colored violently, bit her lip, made an inaudible remark, and with a bitter glance at the author of her confusion, now cheering on to the conflict the scrambling Waters children, she called their mother to account for their presence in the yard at this time on a school-day, and for the first time in her life left the house without exacting a solemn promise of amendment from the head of the family.

Waters remarked triumphantly, as he summoned his second pair of twins from the yard and demanded of them if the gentleman had given them nickels or dimes. The gentleman in question became uncomfortably conscious, in the course of their walk home, of an atmosphere not wholly novel, that lost no strength in this case from its studied repression.

That afternoon, as they sat in the shade of the big elm, he in his flexible wicker chair, she in a straight-backed, high-seated legacy from her grandfather, the whirlwind that Mr. Waters had so lightly sown fell to the reaping of a victim too amiable and unsuspecting not to escape the sentence of any but so stern a judge as the handsome and inflexible representative of the moral order now before him. Miss Gould was looking her best in a crisp lavender dimity, upon whose frills Mrs. Waters had bestowed the grateful exercise of her highest art. Her sleek, dark coils of hair, from which no one stray lock escaped, framed her fresh cheeks most admirably; her strong 10 A Philanthropist white hands appeared and disappeared with an absolute regularity through the dark-green wool out of which she was evolving a hideous and useful shawl.

To her lodger, who alternately waved a palm-leaf fan and drank lemonade, reading at intervals from a twodays-old newspaper, and carrying on the desultory and amusing soliloquy that they were pleased to consider conversation, she presented the most attractive of pictures. She did not answer immediately, and when she did it was in tones that he had learned from various slight experiments to regard as final. There is no use in my talking to him or anybody while I—while you—while things are as they are.

You must make up your mind, Mr.

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What am I to make up my mind about? That is just it. You know what I have always felt, Mr.

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Welles, about it. But I never seemed to be able to make you see. Now, as I say, things have come to a point. You must do something. She was imperturbable; she was impossible; she was beyond argument or persuasion or ridicule.

She drew the ivory hook through the green meshes a little faster. He started from his wicker chair. You would not be so—so unkind, so unjust! Welles, and I should not feel unjust. After all, her fascination had always lain in her great decision. Was it not illogical to expect her to fail to display it at such a crisis? There was a long silence. The sun sank lower and lower, the birds twittered happily around them. After a while he rose, settled his white jacket elaborately, and half turned as if to go back to the house.

They were nearly hidden by the green wool, but the long needle quivered like a leaf in the wind; she could not pass it between the thread and her white forefinger. He hesitated 12 A Philanthropist a moment, glanced at her face, smiled inscrutably, and deliberately reseated himself. As if I meant that! As if I meant anything like it! She nodded gravely. Then the Civic Club can have its headquarters there, and people will begin to be used to it before cold weather.

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She smiled at him as if he had been a child. I have always felt that an hour or two a day 13 A Philanthropist of intelligent, cultivated work was fully equal to a much longer space of manual labor that is more mechanical, more tiresome. Underwood Saturdays for the Band of Hope and the kitchen-garden. It would be just Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from ten to twelve, say! He had never seen her so animated, so girlishly insistent. She urged with the vivid earnestness of twenty years. And I am so hideously relative—But, after all, why should a sense of humor be an essential?

One is really more complete—I suppose Mahomet had none—When shall I begin? Henry and Mr. Waters furnished most satisfactory and detailed bulletins to gatherings of leisurely and congenial spirits, who listened with incredulous amazement to the accounts of Mr. I never see nothing like it—never! Waxed that floor, they have, and put more mats onto it— fur and colored. I heard him say so myself. Beats all I ever see, the way that man answers back! Welles had refused to open his office for inspection till it was completely furnished, she did not enter that characteristic apartment till the third day of its official existence.

As she went through the narrow hallway connecting the four rooms on which the social regeneration of her village depended, 15 A Philanthropist she caught the sweet low thrum of a guitar and a too familiarly seductive voice burst forth into a chant, whose literal significance she was unable to grasp, owing to lack of familiarity with the language in which it was couched, but whose general tenor no one could mistake, so tender and arch was the rendering.

With a vague thrill of apprehension she threw open the door. Sunk in cushions, a tea-cup on the arm of his chair, a guitar resting on his white flannel sleeve, reclined the director of the Rooms. Over his head hung a large and exquisite copy of the Botticelli Venus. Kitty Waters attentively filled his empty cup, beaming the while, and the once errant Annabel, sitting on a low stool at his feet, with a red bow in her pretty hair, and her great brown eyes fixed adoringly on his face as he directed the fascinating incomprehensible little song straight at her charming self, was obviously in no present danger of running the streets.

Business is dull, and we are amusing each other, you see. How do you like the rooms? Perhaps it may be my mission to abolish the chromo and the tidy from off the face of New England!


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We have had crowds here—just to look at the pictures. Miss Gould sat in silence. At intervals her perplexed gaze rested unconsciously on the Botticelli Venus, from which she instantly with a slight frown lowered it and regarded the floor. When she at last met his eyes the expression of her own was so troubled, the droop of her firm mouth so pathetic and unusual, that he left his chair and dragged the little stool to her feet, assuming an attitude so boyish and graceful that in spite of herself she smiled at him.

I enjoy it tremendously, myself. Is his impression unfavorable? Heavens, how unfortunate!

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It is hard indeed! Would you suggest the rearrangement of the Rooms under Mr. Underwood wonders that I should think she would be able to conduct the Band of Hope in here, and Mrs. Why did you treat them all to lemonade the first day? Surely you knew that our one aim is to prevent miscellaneous charity.

And Tom says you smoked in here—he smelt it.

A point on which Mr.