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Why don't I drink American beer? Well, why don't I buy a Moroccan snowmobile, or Why don't I wear Italian hip waders, or Jamaican snowshoes? So, why don't I drink American beer Why don't they put more energy into training soldiers to be better rather than equipt them with gear they won't need if they are dead. What's got me wondering is how much those suits would cost the military. If a soldier is taken down imagine the technology and the expense of it in enemy hands. Bush "It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is.

Clinton WTF is this- Star Trek?

Leopard 2A4

I figured another person in the military teebus, arent you in the military would have picked up on this The military defines Battle Space as the width, depth length and height above and below an area where a battle will take place as well as all the things that may influence the given area, to include eletronic warfare. I was about to ask what galaxy sector these suits would be most effective in.

I was actually referring to the "invincible" part. There's no such thing as an "invincible" anything Now there's a battle that qould require cool headsets. Think "The War of the Minds" Of weed?!

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Have stoped rounds from AKs at less than a foot and have stopped. And although they are heavy, they are not 50lbs. I am in the Bundesgrenzshutz- which is not part of the Bundeswehr, but part of the police defense division. Actually Battle space is a term used by the German Army and Airforce. It is a Joint term being used by more than one country's military so there is an equal understanding of the definition. Yah, we've gotten the explanation of space already. So, anyone care to explain the "invincible" part, which is what I'm griping about.

There's technically no such thing as invincible if you're talking about a solid object keeping it's current form Although this is only a guess The Bundeswehr decided on the Ie. Now the PzH rifled mm L52 ordnance is 8 meters 26 fEe:. Its chrome plated barrel provides the main gu n with a long-wearing life. The gun barrel is fitted with a slot-type muzzle brake and a bore evacuator. The gun can also be used in a direct firefight. The tutTet can traverse a complete degrees, and firing is possible in all turret positions.

Using the Modulares Treibladungssystem MTLS , the gun's range is up to 30 km 19 miles with the standard Ll5A2 projectile and up to 40 km 25 miles with extended range ammunition. For anti-aircraft and defense purposes, a 7. Eig ht smoke dischargers are located on the front of the tun'et near the main gun. The driver is located in the front of the hull right beneath the engi:;.

The PzH has a fuel storage capacity of up to liters C' gall ons of diesel fuel, which gives the vehicle a range of km C:' miles in good conditions. The huge turret is made of armored steel plates and designed in accordance with the shape of European railway tunnel s. The inside of the tUITet and hull is covered with a liner to protect against artillery fragments.

The charge storage area is separate from the crew compartm ent in the rear of the tUITet. Main electronic systems like the fire control sys tem an d the gun control system with the added tracking and observing systems are located in the tu!

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The PzH is ready for challenges on the future digitalized and three-dim ensional battlefield. On the roof of the turret there are mounts to fit additional reactive armor elements. The crew can quickly attach these elemen ts usin g only the vehicle 's own tools. These reactive armor elements protect against bomblet ammunition, but they are mou nted only in the event of war.

In internation al use, the PzH is in first place; more and more has become a standard artillery system of the European forces. In Jll.. The armies of both tl Netherlands and Italy decided to introduce the PzH into their artille r units. In October I , Sweden began testing the PzH in a coas t defense role and for their ann y's artillery. The red and white over-wide alert "re opened during road marches on civil roads.

The huge turret has a storage area in the rear for the extremely flammable and explosive charges that is completely separate from the crew compartment. Walter 8ohm A PzH : 2. The howitzer..

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This will be combined with much better armor protection, in. The target screening capability is the same as the old Mbased observer vehicle, -;, -ew Leopard 1A5-based forward observer vehicle, the crew can control a greater variety of fire missions. By two trial vehicles were built. These connectors are fitted with a moveable sleeve to make easier to remove. Bergepanzer 3 Bullel.

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The screw mounts can be used to affix additional reactive armor. Walter Close-up photo of the PzH 's gun travel lock. The hydraulically operated gun travel lock can fasten and unfasten by remote control under armor protection of the turret. While the vehicle is traveling, the barrel is fixed in the 12 o'clock position. The rectangular plate on the gun's front end is part of the muzzle velocity measuring system. Walter 8ohm - --unition ready for use. To give the PzH a high tactical. Fitted with a small loading crane, the MAN 10tgl has an empty weight of Walter Bohm The automatic electrically driven projectile-loading system allows loading and firing in every turret position.

The ordnance can be loadeo matter what the turret traverse or gun elevation. The magazinE constructed to keep all of the 60 projectiles on board. Walter Bohm In case of a malfunction of the fully automatic loader and systems, all operations can be performed manually by the crew's loaders. Loading and firing can occur independently of the - -] of the turret.

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  4. From moving to firing, a well-trained crew requires only 30 seconds. Walter 8ohm -e. The red flag mounted on the turret indicates that the gun is loaded and ready to fire. Only markings visible -. When the guns receive the order for a fire mission, they leave their assembly areas and attack the hostile targets depending on the intentions of the Brigadeartilieriefuhrer leader of artillery units supporting a brigade. Walter 8ohm The PzH howitzer can fire eight projectiles a mere 30 seconds after it reaches the firing position, the first three rounds in less than 10 seconds.

    One possible scenario for a PzH platoon is to pin down hostile forces with their fire to give their own mechanized units time to rearrange and counterattack. The PzH has a crew of five: commander, driver, Jader 1, and loader 2. In contrast to the aged MA3GE with its crew of eight soldiers, the up-to-date equipment of the PzH does a better " reduced crew. Walter Bohm Following the exercise, the howitzers are cleaned of mud and dust.

    The Technische Dienst periodical technical check of all main vehicle and weapon systems became necessary before the vehicles were loaded onto railway freight cars for the return to the unit's base. Four return rollers stabilize the tracks. The huge turret is designed "'.

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    Today, the AS 90 is the only tracked self-propelled howitzer in the rmy's inventory. The turret was designed to be mounted on various existing main battle tank chassis, such as on th e T, and therefore be a cheap option for countries with a small defense budget seeking a modern artillery system. In I , the GBT turret was revealed to the public for the first time. That same year the United Kingdom withdrew from the intemational mm SP 70 project, which presented the British Army with the need for a new option for the requested new artillery system in order to replace the mm Ml 09 and the mm Abbot.

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    The three large storage boxes on the. Between and , the Royal School of Artillery conducted additional reliability-and-growth uials dUling which the two existing prototypes traveled over 28,km 17, miles and fired more than rounds. A pair of AS 90s has the ability to deliver a payload of kg Ib of HE ammunition on a single target ai , distance of up to Other rates of fire are: - Intensive fire: Firing six rounds per minute for up to three minutes.

    Note the black stripe in front of the muzzle; it is the round just leaving the gun. During these trials, the caliber barrel proved its reliability and enhancement for the future. The powerpack is situated at the front right of the chassis, and rl:. Close to the main engine is a diesel-powered auxiliar: unit that allows the turret sys tems to operate and conduct fire mi ss ior without running the main engine.

    It can be entered through the large one-piece reu: door that is also used for ammunition resupply. The turret is mounte. The vehicle is fitted with a Dhie double pin track. The crew consists of the driver, commander No. I , a gun layer No. Usually one or two additional gunners are added to the crew in order to ensure that enough ammunition is ready during fire missions.