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Students receive timely, differentiated support based on their individual learning needs. Learning outcomes emphasize competencies that include application and creation of knowledge, along with the development of important skills and dispositions. No matter which competencies you use, make sure that educators and learners are familiar with the rubrics that are being used to assess them. Foster active and engaged inquiry through a project-based approach to the competencies.

Competency-based education requires instructors to alter teaching approach

Here, the key is to design a project that scaffolds learning for students but also embeds authentic assessments that allow them to demonstrate their growing knowledge and skills. Collaboratively and regularly look at student work for evidence of proficiency in the competencies.

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This requires the use of a rubric to focus on what competencies students are demonstrating and how, by focusing on observation of evidence rather than interpretation into a grade. The process creates a shared understanding of what proficiency looks like when students demonstrate it, and more relevant feedback on what the student needs to do to progress towards it. Making Mastery Work is one of the many research reports offered by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation that focus on the needed changes in policy and practice to support competency-based models of education.

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Competency based education and training: a world perspective

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By Mark Lieberman. February 6, Characteristics of Competency-Based Education Students learn at their own pace until mastering objective Learning materials split into discrete chunks, either on-ground or online Often taught by "instructional teams" that divide tasks like grading and coaching No formal definition or reference in existing Department of Education regulations. Read more by Mark Lieberman.

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Author: Arguelles, Antonio ; Gonczi, Andrew Abstract: Competency based approaches to vocational education and training VET have emerged in a number of countries over the past two decades. ISBN: Resource type: Book.