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Department of Anthropology. Dissertation Title: Tracing economic, ritual, and social pathways to Neolithization in the southern Levant through human-animal relationships at Kfar HaHoresh.

University of Edinburgh, U. My research investigates human-animal relations across pivotal shifts in human history—from the decline of Neanderthals in Paleolithic France, to the beginning of animal domestication in Neolithic Israel, and to the rise and fall of urban centers across Bronze—Iron Age Greece. During these uneasy transitions, animals played diverse roles as active participants in daily life, symbols, and sources of calories and waste.

I integrate zooarchaeological and contextual taphonomic methods to detect daily meals, past rites i. By examining this evidence through social zooarchaeology and ecological anthropology frameworks, I work to form more complete models of past ecologies during times of human stress across diverse environments. I focus on the archaeology of Mediterranean sites ranging in date from the Middle Paleolithic to Iron Age.

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My broader interests include the study of human and animal remains from sites and time periods across the world. I currently study fauna remains from sites in Israel, Greece and France and have experience curating and studying fauna from archaeological sites and modern taphonomic collections across Europe, North America, and Africa. I have also worked with human remains, specifically a Medieval assemblage from Scotland, and often draw upon bioarchaeological spatial analysis techniques via GIS in my faunal research. Natalie Munro. For University of Colorado Press. Beyond City and Country at Mycenae: urban and rural practices in a subsistence landscape.

In: Country in the city: Forms and functions of agro-pastoral activities in Mediterranean pre-Classical cities Aegean and Western Mediterranean Protohistory , eds. Garcia, R. Orgeolet, M. Evolutionary Anthropology Richard G. Paul L.

Paléorient, 2004, vol. 30, n°1.

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  • Genetic Evidence of Geographical Groups among Neanderthals.
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